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Callaway Diablo Edge Irons 4-9PAS
  • Callaway Diablo Edge Irons 4-9PAS

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    • Brand: Callaway
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Callaway Diablo Edge Irons 4-9PAS




The Details of Callaway Diablo Edge Irons:


Callaway Diablo Edge irons are the most user friendly irons that Callaway has ever produced. Play with power. Play with accuracy. Play with an edge. These irons provide increased distance without compromising feel or performance. The lower, deeper center of gravity (CG) makes the sweet spot more accessible and is in line with where amateurs most commonly hit the ball on the clubface, generating longer, consistent distance and improved accuracy. They can be the first choice especially for those golf beginners due to their maxium forgiveness.

Also, as part of their commitment to amateur golfers Callaway have been busy studying exactly how ordinary golfers strike the ball. The results led Callaway's designers to drop the centre of gravity in the Callaway Diablo Edge irons 50% lower and 17% deeper to move the sweet spot to the exact area where most golfers will hit most of their shots. The relocation of the centre of gravity has also allowed each Diablo Edge iron to have a one degree stronger loft to maintain the height of the ball.



The Features of Callaway Diablo Edge Irons: 


* Shafts: True temper dynamic gold \NSP 950  


* Hand: Flex-R/S、Right-Hand/Left-Hand


* Grip: Callaway Rubber Composition





* Maximized Distance: A lower, deeper CG is designed to make the sweet spot more accessible at lower impact locations. Callaway Diablo Edge Irons generate longer, more consistent distance and improves accuracy for more greens in regulation.


* Set Options: Get more distance through the entire bag by opting for matched hybrids in the set where you begin to struggle with your irons.


* Solid Impact Sole: Delivering smooth turf interaction, the sole is designed to mitigate the effects of heavy and thin shots and improve the impact location on the face for greater distance.


* Enhanced Feel and Performance: Callaway Golf core technologies like VFT, S2H2, a 360-Degree Undercut Channel and Modified Tru-Bore work together to maximize distance, feel and playability.


Ratings & Reviews
(Total 6 Products Reviews for this product)
  • Hanning27 ( 15/04/2013 03:54:56 )

    I hit these for about an hour at a demo day and was so close to buying them. I just need more forgiveness in the long irons. They were so easy to get off the ground and were very forgiving for a club in this category.

  • Wiers60 ( 18/03/2013 10:34:02 )

    As with any club, the first thing to do with any club is get it fitted. I've had these for several years and my handicap has improved from about a 12 to a 5. These irons are silky smooth and laser accurate. And for the price, I challenge you to find a better set or irons

  • Mazzanti155 ( 11/03/2013 02:04:40 )

    Loved em right from the first chance i had to hit them. Consistent yardages and shot dispersion. Instant feedback when i hit them. I had compared to a variety of other clubs, and found nothing that I could hit as consistently well, or had the right feel for me. Can't wait to hit the links!!! Once i get proper sized grips (originals too small for me) I will be all set.

  • Mcirvin91 ( 04/03/2013 04:13:51 )

    I put in the new black gold true temper shafts stiff flex. I love these irons, I have had high handicap golfers try them and they were able to hit them quite well.

  • Cron223 ( 08/02/2013 01:53:39 )

    Is all products internationally standardized?

    Administrator:Yes! Also we have Japan size, USA size and China size. We can also customize length for our customers according to their requirement. We’ll try our best to satisfy your needs.
Total 6 Products Reviews for this product
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