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Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball
  • Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball

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    • Brand: Titleist
    • Weight: 600 gram
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Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball


The 2009 Pro V1x is the ultimate performance companion to the 2009 Pro V1. A four-piece, dual core design featuring a redesigned Ionomeric casing layer, controls the spin rate on full iron shots into and around the green, in addition to providing increased distance off the driver.


An improved high performance Urethane Elastomer cover delivers improved cover durability, while its Tour-proven high coverage 332 dimple design with Staggered Wave parting line generates penetrating trajectory and consistent ball flight. Utilizing the industry-leading multi-component technology and manufacturing process excellence, the Titleist 2009 Pro V1x is designed to optimize ball flight and increase driver distance. The spin control and flight characteristics have made Pro V1x the ball of choice for many of the longest players in the game.





  • Soft center, high energy 1.550-inch dual core delivers low spin and increased velocity
  • New, speed enhancing Ionomeric casing layer controls driver spin for longer distance
  • Low spin can provide greater control and green-holding ability with full iron and wedge shots
  • A new, high performance Urethane Elastomer formulation offers improved cover durability on all shots
  • Tour-proven high coverage 332 multi-dimple design with Staggered Wave parting line for consistent ball flight

Ratings & Reviews
(Total 1 Products Reviews for this product)
  • Delariva35 ( 14/03/2013 10:18:59 )

    Very Good Ball. The longest ball I have played bar none. Although it feels very hard, it comes in very high and checks surprisingly well with shots >100 yards. The hard feel makes it difficult to put and chip if you are use to a soft feel / high spin ball. I would definitely recommend.

Total 1 Products Reviews for this product
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