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  • Ping i20 Irons 3-9PW

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Ping i20 Irons




The details of the Ping i20 Irons:

PING is known for few things: engineering great products, unique designs and custom fitting. PING's successful line of G-series irons has focused on maximum forgiveness for all players, but it's i-series has been geared specifically to players who are looking for a middle ground between the G-series and the blade-like S-series.

PING i20 Series is PING's latest lineup in 2012, it is destined for greatness. With the goal to make any golfer a more versatile and complete player, the Ping i20 series clubs focus on combining a measure of forgiveness with workability while the driver also offers aerodynamic benefits.





The features of the Ping i20 Irons:

* The Ping i20 Iron Set is multi-metal iron set that offers optimized performance through progressive set design.

*  The forgiving, high-launching long irons blend into more-penetrating mid- and –short irons, offering control for precise shot making. A dense tungsten toe weight provides forgiveness across the face for accurate results as well as a high-launch, low-spin trajectory.

*  Distance control and a solid feel come from a thicker hitting area and stabilizing bars in the cavity and a low moment of inertia about the shaft axis gives golfers the ability to shape shots with confidence.

*  The set is finished off with a non-glare chrome finish and black-and-silver color scheme, offering a players’-style contemporary look.

*  Absent is the industrial grey Guyson finish which is replaced by a non-glare satin chrome finish. This change makes the i20s look cleaner and like every line and curve was perfectly milled.

*  The long irons are super easy to hit and I think that is where the pull cavity design is a real winner. At address with the 4 iron you can see part of the under cavity.


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